Saturday, July 16, 2011

About Our Keeshonds (Keeshonden)

Here are some Photos of Our Keeshonds,

Grandmother to my Male Cubby, Is Osa.
She is a 7 year old Retired Show Dog I adopted 2 years ago & she is now my Shadow.

Here is "Cubby" Our Male, A Georgous Loving Boy... He has a Great Temperment & The Biggest coat of them all.

Here is Mimiko One of the Mothers to Our Pups. Super Playfull & Full of Spunk. Too smart for her own good as she figured out how to open the sliding glass door (when unlocked)

Here is Suki, Mimiko's Sister. She is our Very Sweet & Petite Girl.
She is Super Loving just girl like her sister.

Here is Misty. She is so energetic, cute and happy all the time!

All of our adult Keeshonds are AKC Registered.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Litter Of Puppies Ready for their new Homes: